40-pin TFT LCD on Arduino - Will This Work?

Hi everyone,

I have recently immersed myself in the world of parts harvesting from old/dead equipment, but I really have no idea what to do with it or how to do it.

Recently I pulled a couple of Chi Mei N101L6-L01 10" TFT LCD monitors from a couple of Dell Latitude laptops (I also salvaged smaller LCD screens from a few printers and a Keurig that broke on us). The LCDs still have a circuit board connected to the back of them, with a fabric ribbon cable coming out of it. The ribbon cable splits in three directions - one to a small laptop webcam, one to a screw (ground perhaps?), and one to 40-pin connector.

I am just getting into Arduino and microelectronics. Are these monitors even useable on Arduino? I've read other posts that make me think Arduino might not be able to handle this complex of a monitor. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


Probably not. Those sorts of displays need constant refreshing, like a TV screen needs refreshing. An Arduino might be capable of doing this but only just - it won't be doing any useful work other than sending pixels to the screen.

A driver chip like the RA8875 is used on smaller 40-pin LCDs. It is probably not going to drive a 10" display.

Thanks, Morgan! I was thinking it would be too much for an Arduino to handle, but thought it was worth asking. :-)