40 x 6 matrix

Hi thanks in advance for any reply's, I have made a 24 x 6 scrolling matrix it all works fine (http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-24X6-LED-matrix/), but I would like to make it to 40 x 6, can I just daisy chain the 2 extra shift registers (74hc595) I would have to use, plus would I have to use 2 extra output pins on the uno, at the moment I am using output pins 11, 10 and 13 for the 3 blocks of 8 hope this makes sense.

Regards Ron

If you daisy chain two more shift registers, they would be controlled by the same three pins as the first three. Why would you need more control pins?

To daisy chain, you connect two more shift registers in the same way as the middle one, with ~QH of one going to SER of the next.

Thank you Paul I will do that and thank you for your time in replying

Regards Ron

Ron, another option to consider would be replacing the decade counter chip with another '595. This would free up two Arduino pins, simplifying the wiring and reducing the overall complexity (by using fewer types of components).

Paul (on the other side of the world from Paul__B)

Good point.

Of course, this is only an amusing head-banging exercise. If you wanted to really do it properly, you would just use five MAX7219s.

Had to say that sooner or later. :grinning:

Thank you all for your replies.

Regards Ron