433.92, what is it I dont understand? Code, serial n stuff.


So this is it... A year ago I successfully managed to control my remote switches with my Raspberry Pi, which I later replaced with an Arduino. But I still have not figured out what all the timings mean.

I wrote the program to control my switches by myself, and didn't really read about it. I used my pre bought remote control to sample, and then replicated the results via PHP and Python... I used a cheap 433 receiver and transmitter and it all worked.

Now I want to know what the timings mean n stuff.
So my question is:

What "type" is the "timings"? HEX, ASCII, etc?
Tell me/link me to useful information about this stuff, I am going nuts over all this info I am getting, which is for nerdier people than me...

I really don't know much about the usual 433.92 protocol used by remote switches. All I did was replicate, which worked, but I want to know more...

Would so much appreciate all help! Best regards, Fidde

Most remote light switches use a variant of the SC2262 / SC2272 encoder decoder chips.
Have a read of the data sheet , as its the easiest way to understand whats going on.