433 Mhz Flamingo SF-501

For a project I connected anold KaKu set on an Arduino Uno using an RF433 Mhz kit (with the FS100A). It works fine can read codes from the Kaku remote and switch the 230VAC outlets. However I need some more outlets and I bought a Flamingo SF501 kit (SF501-Remote and SF-501-switch) kit.

Until know I can't let the Flamingo kit working in combination with a Uno. I found out that the dataformat from the Flamingo is complete different. Using the Arduino sf-501 library from Arjen Klaverstijn, see GitHub - arjhun/arduino-sf501remote: An Arduino library to control SF-501 RF switches by Flamingo (Smartwares.eu) I receive data but it's not stable (e.g. you can't save any code, to reuse for sending). I'm struggling already many days on Google (my friend :slight_smile: but until now, any good result.

So: Does anybody has experience with the combination: Arduino, SF501-Remote and SF-501P-switches ? Any suggestions?