433 mhz FOB help PLEASE to turn on display for RC Truck

Where would I connect the normally open and common wires (blue and yellow) from the RF receiver. The matrix display is red =VCC, brown =GND, orange = DIN, yellow=CS, Green=CLK.
Do I need a code? And where would I put it? I'm lost and clueless, I've literally been looking everywhere.

This is the code I have used from the maker guides site to do the scrolling text. MAX7219 LED Matrix Display Arduino Tutorial (4 Examples)

/* Example code for scrolling text effect on MAX7219 LED dot matrix display with Arduino. More info: https://www.makerguides.com */

// Include the required Arduino libraries:
#include <MD_Parola.h>
#include <MD_MAX72xx.h>
#include <SPI.h>

// Define hardware type, size, and output pins:
#define MAX_DEVICES 4
#define CS_PIN 3

// Create a new instance of the MD_Parola class with hardware SPI connection:
MD_Parola myDisplay = MD_Parola(HARDWARE_TYPE, CS_PIN, MAX_DEVICES);

// Setup for software SPI:
// #define DATA_PIN 2
// #define CLK_PIN 4

void setup() {
// Intialize the object:
// Set the intensity (brightness) of the display (0-15):
// Clear the display:
myDisplay.displayText("Scrolling text", PA_CENTER, 100, 0, PA_SCROLL_LEFT, PA_SCROLL_LEFT);

void loop() {
if (myDisplay.displayAnimate()) {

Perhaps you had better first explain what the "receiver" actually is?

You appear to have the 5 V NiMH battery connected to "Vin" on the Nano, so I am surprised that the display is actually working at all! :astonished:

It's just a cheap 433mhz fob and receiver that I got from amazon, just want it to turn on/off the display when I press the buttons on the remote.

Here is the link.


Well, if you want to turn the whole display - including the Nano - on and off, you connect the "COM" to the battery positive and the "NO" to the Nano.

Given that the battery is 5 V, you connect to "5V". "Vin" is not appropriate.

That Amazon listing is curious. You seem to have the receiver module shown in the listing but it appears to lack the "learn" button, suggesting it is not a secure remote control though that probably does not concern you, however the lone reviewer on that listing apparently did receive the secure version. And you appear to have received one with those coloured wires attached as did the reviewer, but that is not shown in the listing. All very peculiar!

As Aliexpress is usually vastly cheaper, I am looking for this item just for interest, but have not yet found the yellow board, only the secure blue version. :astonished:

Would that have both negative (battery and receiver) going to GND on the nano also? I'm so new to playing with all this. I just thought it would be an easy switch to put in to turn it on and off at will. The 5V battery is just one I had spare from a dismantled RC toy just for power. The ambition is to have it running from a secondary 7.4v LiPo battery once installed in the truck. That circuit I pictured was me just trying to get the receiver turning the nano on and off, but I failed. So thought I'd turn to the forum for help. I've been tasked away so haven't actually had a chance to implement the solution you said yet.

So with regards to the battery power is that pack shown unable to work and do what I need and will I actually need to resource the LiPo intended I to the circuit while I figure it out?

Many thanks for your help

Yes, the negative of the battery must connect to all other parts, the relay/ receiver module and the Arduino.

The NiMH battery is a good source of 5 V. If you use another battery voltage, you then have to provide a regulator to drop it to the 5 V required by the Arduino.

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@Paul_B many thanks for your help and advice it is much appreciated. :+1:

Thank you

Works an absolute treat Paul, thank you very much :+1:

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