433 Mhz receiver - Doorbell


I bought a cheap wireless doorbell (Gripo 5088), connected the output pin on a unnamed IC, which is connected to the receiver IC, to an Arduino, and could detect when somebody used the doorbell for about 1.5 years. My mother in law accidentally dropped the receiver, 4 times within the same day, until magic smoke appeared from it.

I was thinking about buying a cheap 433 MHz receiver breakout board, and connecting it to the Arduino, however, my understanding is that the receiver must match exactly to be able to receive anything.

The current receiver is a SYN510R and the reference oscillator crystal is JMR 13,52127M, so it should be operating at 433.92 MHz according to the datasheet. SEL1 is pulled to ground, however SEL0 seems to be left floating, so I can’t really figure out the demodulation BW (1625, 3250, 6500 or 13000 Hz). It looks like it’s using OOK up to 10kbps., and Manchester encoding.

Does anyone know of a breakout board etc. that might be able to match that receiver?