433 mhz receiver

Hello everyone i am a beginner with arduino.
I wanted to make a rfsniffer with a 433 mhx module.
I used the RF_Sniffer.ino code from Github uploaded it with success and run it.
But i cant get any received signal.
I used digital pin 2 for the data.
This is the picture :

The module that i use is the XY-MK-5V
Its got like 2 data output and i used the one next to the Vcc.
Can anyone help me please ?

What are you trying to detect? That RF sniffer code will only detect devices which have a SC2262 / Sc 2272 protocol.

Hi Plofkip,

Have a look at my page here Auto Manchester detector. That RF sniffer will only give you the rawest of basic timings and BUT is the first step to unravelling your challenge. Yours might not be Manchester encoded, but the overall approach of my program may give you some hints as to what to try next.

What you will need to do is move on from that, and start trying some standard protocol detectors. My experience has been with Manchester (so somewhat biased) and a couple of other ASK protocols. If you are into Python I can post a program that plots those sort of timings into a graphic. It is much easier to visualise and think through a particular protocol if the pattern of signal on/off spacings can be "seen".

What is the system you are hoping to "sniff"?

This is a very minor point but using Pin8 for RF in will be a bit more common.