433 Mhz Transmitter/receiver connecting to LED


I just ordered these 433MHz Wireless Transmitter Module + Receiver Module:

I want to connect the receiver with a simple led light and want to have just an on/off switch on the transmitter. It's rocketscience to me but can't imagine it has to be that hard.
Can you guys maybe help me out? Got some useful links? What more do I need to order (which led/cables/other stuff?) and how to connect it all?

I'm new here and hope I posted this topic in the right section.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the arduino community.
Have a look at the links in the first post of the thread, there are tutorial links.
all the best.

I can't open that link, but I imagine you would use the Virtualwire library to send a message from Tx to Rx, Rx would then control the LED.

Code & examples are here.

This is the product he mentioned in the first post.

Exactly the parts for Virtualwire then. Add 17cm antenna wire to both.