433 RF signal, unknown encoding

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am working on replicating the signal from my RF outlet remote with an arduino uno.

So far I have managed to get it with SDRsharp and Audacity but I'm kind of stuck on the decoding process.

In most tutorials the signal looks like clean binary with HIGH/LOW pulses being easily recognizable.

Mine looks like this :

I've seen the tri-state code option of RC switch and assumed the triple pulses were F bits but it didn't seem to work.

Thanks in advance for your help

Is it FSK?

Hi Nardax.
Which type/model of outlet are you using?

Have you done this before? If not, I'd double check your receiving setup and make sure you have a proper length antenna and everything is hooked up properly. I'd also try capturing a signal from an independent board running RC-SWITCH using binary output. You should get a clear capture that will look just like the examples you are probably looking at.

When you used SDRsharp to record the signal did you record the audio or the baseband?
you need to record the audio for decoding.
If you have recorded audio then the other settings like AGC etc need checking.