433Mhz - Extend range


I am building my own garage door controller, I have built everything but now I notice a problem.
My 433Mhz connections (garge door remote to controller) does't work on more than 5 meters.
It is way to small and now I want to increase it, at least to a 100m.

Is this even possible? How can I achieve that?

This is my receiver and transmitter pack:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2pcs-1pcs-transmitter-1pcs-receiver-Tracking-433Mhz-RF-transmitter-and-receiver-link-kit-Remote-control-for/916972281.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.unTsvS

I am quite a noob in all this electronics, I am learning it by building things.

I am quite a noob in all this electronics

So, this means that you know nothing about antenna design? Not even enough to describe what kind of antenna you are actually using?

What does your code look like?

I get over 300 meters range (line of sight, with no obstructions) using those transmitters and receivers, by using balanced dipole antennas as shown in the picture below. Connect the ANT and GND terminals of both the transmitter and receiver to the inner connection points. The overall length from tip to tip is about 33 cm.

jr- how much power are you giving the transmitter?

I don’t know what the power is, but the 300+ meters range is obtained with the transmitter running on 3xAA cells, about 4-4.5V.

The transmitter doesn’t work below about 3.4V.

that's cool, I thought those cheap modules are good for only few meters.

I get 200m line of sight with just a monopole (single wire) antenna on the transmitter and none on the receiver, both at 5v. I have no reason to double the profile to get to 300m. But I'm sure I could get more range just by boosting the power instead of increasing the footprint.

A 1/4 wave monopole or whip antenna works very well if there is a ground plane (see below), in which case the antenna's reflection acts as the other half of the antenna to make a virtual balanced dipole.

If there is no ground plane, sometimes the wiring will substitute to some extent.