433Mhz HC-11 Module with rc switch lib?


i was able to use those cheap 433Mhz modules XY-MK-5V to read and send commands to a wifi wall plug.

Now i want a single piece which is able to send and recieve 433Mhz signals and i found the HC-11 module but i couldn’t find a manual how to read and send to control the wall plug.

Is it possible at all? Can this module combined with the rc switch lib?
Is there another transciever that can?

thx for your help

The HC-11 is intended for serial communications, not controlling wall plugs.

What is wrong with using the two modules that you have?

so there is no way to do it?

the reason it, that is smaller than the two single modules and i read that the quality and range from the HC-11 is better. Additional sending and recivieving with the HC-11 requieres only one antenna (i'm not sure if this can be achieved with the single parts).