433mhz pushbutton


I am new to pcb and arduino, but i managed to make a pushbutton that sends an unique id to an receiver.

I want to use as little power as possible, so i use a tiny85 (fast booting) with a 433mhz transmitter and a 9v battery with a pushbutton that activates the power.

If I push the button normaly, the receiver receives the signal. But if i push the button extremely fast, nothing is received.

Is there a smart fix for this, without using relay? That the unit can hold the power until its done, and then turn of the power? By using an transistor or something like that?

Thank you for all help.


Is there a smart fix for this

Fix your code. My crystal ball says that line 5125416810686106506 is the problem line, but since my crystal ball is help together with duct tape, that might not be the correct line. It might be a little way above or below that line.

He means, "post your code". But please post it in code tags.