433Mhz RF Receive basic signal without using arduino?

I am try to send very basic signal between 433Mhz Transmitter and Receive ..... simple boolean of On/Off and just with single channel.....

I see many tutorial online but for complex set up using the Arduino or Decoder and using many channel.

This basically be remote control On/Off switch for device that transmitter sit between, with Relay to do power switch. Garage door open is same idea.

Can signal be receive without use of decoder or Arduino? I know can do easy with use of decoder HT12E and HT12D but seems like too much for how simple.... If possible please let me know step to take to receive signal without and what needed for to transmit binary On\Off signal thank you for help.

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Have a nice day and enjoy coding in C++.

No, if you want something that actually works, that is how you do it. They do not use those chips for remote control without a reason.

Maybe someone else will explain the reason but I am too tired at present. suffice to say that - a standard remote control transmitter/ receiver pair - is how to do it. :worried:

Your problem is that you assume the receive process is "simple". It is not.

The most simple explanation as to why this won't work is that there are many users on the frequency. Thus there needs to be some signal decoding logic to not just detect the presence of a signal, but to determine that it is the signal that is supposed to trigger your device.

It would not be practical to have one's garage door open or close every time the neighbor's wireless thermometer updates it's reading, for instance.

There are other issues, but this should be sufficient rationalization for the necessity of some level of message decoding.

I am to mark your answer for solution because it make sense with logic. Even with such simple transmission data, frequency is used by too many other... cause false positive or false negative.

For learning purpose ONLY, how to interpret data as Binary On\Off signal from receiver? I know now this is ineffective solution but curious for to learn what process would be

I know receive is not simple but data to send is simple.

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