433Mhz RF Transmitter and Receiver in an arduino

i just bought 2 pairs of a RF module (transmitter and receiver) 433Mhz.

i have 2 arduinos, can i install the transmitter and receiver on each arduino? So, an arduino will have a transmitter and a receiver.

I think (i'm not sure) that VirtualWire is able to do that, but you can't use both at the same time. You are either transmitting or receiving.

VirtualWire is by far the best library for those modules.

ok peter_n, thanks for your suggestion. i'll try it.

After some debugging processes, not just in the arduino, even something better. it also works in attiny85 better. :smiley:

Yep, the VirtualWire will work on the ATtiny85.
Do you know the Trinket ?

Why is the virtualWire so good? I managed to transmit just by linking the data pin of the transmitter to the Tx of arduino, and the data pin of receiver to RX of the second Arduino. It worked fine.

Here's what VirtualWire offers:

"Does not use the Arduino UART. Messages are sent with a training preamble, message length and checksum. Messages are sent with 4-to-6 bit encoding for good DC balance, and a CRC checksum for message integrity.
Why not just use the Arduino UART connected directly to the transmitter/ receiver? As discussed in the RFM documentation, ASK receivers require a burst of training pulses to synchronize the transmitter and receiver, and also requires good balance between 0s and 1s in the message stream in order to maintain the DC balance of the message.
UARTs do not provide these. They work a bit with ASK wireless, but not as well as this code."

Thank you for your answer. Now I understood.

VirtualWire allows a few noise spikes in the receive databurst. Try programming that yourself. :fearful:

Hi all,
I'm also trying to comunicate 2 arduinos with a transmitter and receiver attached to each one.
mardikarifqi, could you please post the code for each arduino you used to achieve this?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi, I'm trying to do a project by using RF Transmitter & Receiver module to locate short range parked vehicle. Can anyone assist me on this project. Thank You.