433mhz Sniffing remote signal

I am very new to using hardware and as a learning exercise I have been making a home automation kit with an Arduino Yun and a 433mhz receiver and transmitter.

I bought some remote controlled plugs and used the RC-switch library to get their RF codes which I could then successfully transmit from the Arduino the turn them off / on.

The issue is with the wireless dimmer switch I have bought which controls the celling lights. It uses a 433mhz remote which isn't recognised by the RC-switch library. Using audacity I have acquired the signal which can be seen below.

The first image is where I have taken the signal from the plugs, Although I already know the codes for them I used it as a control to check that I would get the same result when using the sound card and decoding the signal. As we can see it has 6 clear pulses and when I read one of the pulses it gives the same code as the RC-switch library. (Result! or so I thought)

However! When I get the signal from the remote which controls the celling light switch I get the waveforms below. There is no clear pulsing and it seems very long. I have no idea how I would decode that into a binary code which I could then transmit in the same way as the plugs.

It that signal encrypted? How would I decode that wave form into its RF code?

Any help appreciated

The celling light audacity file can be found here:


Introduction to decoding methods at Reverse Engineer Wireless Temperature / Humidity / Rain Sensors — Part 1 « RAYSHOBBY.NET

There is not enough detail in the photos you posted to guess anything about the signal. Please post a screenshot like the one below, taken from the above article.