433MHz transmitter and reciever, weather station, cant send or receive

I have three sensors, I want to send the information from them over the 433MHz transmitter/receiver. I cant change the values of the sensors into const char. have tried this after looking around and this isn't working, I need to get a const char


int LDRReading = analogRead(LDR_Pin); LDRReading = analogRead(LDR_Pin); vw_send((uint8_t*)LDRReading,strlen(LDRReading));

this is coming back with things like invalid conversion "const char" to "const char" and readonly for the analogRead

I have three things that I want to send repeatedly. 1. the title of the item which is to be displayed, like light reading or humidity or temperature 2. the data the sensor creates, value for light reading, humidity or temperature 3. the command used to get the data, analogRead, (dht.getStatusString());, (bmp.readPressure());

im not sure what is what here and how to send it. I don't know how to change them to const char or what a const char is? any help would be appreciated!!! thanks simon smiley

There are lots of examples on this forum of people successfully doing just what you are attempting. Use the forum search function! Hint: include VirtualWire in the search terms.