434mhz problem with response

Good morning

I have a problem with this module SI4432 buyed at this link


The module should work at 3V3. I have an arduino uno v3 and a standalone atmega arduino like (it works and tested with other project) feeded and programmed with FTDI Basic breakoutboard with 5V tension, I convert the FTDI Basic breakoutboard's tension to 3V with a resistor divider.

Then I upload the simple example client/server of rf22 example library. I have uploaded the server program to the arduino uno and the client program to standalone atmega. The final result is that I can send a ping from standalone atmega client to arduino uno server. The server receive the result and send a pong to client but the client apparently doesn't receive nothing :(

So I try to change the role of client and server. So the server was the standalone atmega and client was the arduino uno. The client can send the ping to the server and the server receive something but the message is apparently empty.

Original arduino uno connected with module SI4432 apparently works pretty good, instead the module connected to atmega standalone seems to doesn't work as expected. I don't know why but apparently the module with standalone can't receive data maybe the problem is the resistor divider to regulate the tension? Or Maybe the arduino uno doesn't send a good signal?

Is there a way to test the real problem?