47% of US jobs under threat from computerization according to Oxford study

From - http://www.gizmag.com/half-of-us-jobs-computerized/29142/ -

If it is true for the US it will also be true for other economies…

You see, the thing I wonder is: once all the big companies have automated everything (robots, ATMs, computerized billing, voice recognition etc.) so that they can sack everyone except their managers (and they would soon realize they don't need them either if there is no-one to manage) who is going to have a job, so they can buy their products?

I suppose they are thinking they can make a buck by sacking all their workers but hope that all the other companies don't do that, so there is someone left with a job to buy their stuff.

I automated about 80% of my last job, then was headhunted by the company who supply the software I used.

I now spend my days helping other people automate their own role.

There are many ideas how this will evolute in the future, and how society will react (see books of William Gibson a.o)
I think a similar problem existed around 1800 with the industrial revolution, 1900 the rise of the production line ...

Who remembers in the early days of PC's being sold the idea of the paperless office and less working hours for people but what we ended up with is an even greater waste/use of paper and longer working hours for the lucky few with a job still.