48V 3kw DC Motor control

Hello guys,

Recently we are doing a project and trying to use this DC motor. http://www.cpmotors.eu/fileadmin/media/downloads/datasheets/CPM90-45-3000-L_EN.pdf

Our project is to build a small e-cars, which can be controlled by remotecontroller. And we need at least two motors, one is for steering and one is for driving. And this two motors are different from each other. I am thinking , for Steering maybe we will use Servomotor and for Driving we will use the motor above. Becasue i don't have any experience in Motorcontrol, so i want to know: Is there any microcontroller,that can remote control a 48V and 100amps motor ? And Is there any microcontroller that can remote control two motors that have a big different in Voltage and Amps? I will appreciate any informations and suggestions!

Well I can't find out from that datasheet whether its brushed or brushless - that's the first thing to find out.

[ there are hints its a BLDC, but the controller side of things looks proprietary, alas ]

PS It may be that the controllers are built-in, so all you need to do is talk to the controllers?