4d systems LCD Touchscreen

Hey there!
I have been struggling with this screen. I have never used 4D systems but it was a nice or should I say a great challenge.
But in the last months, I have been stuck with making it work through Arduino. I have been able to make a test screen with an SD card. But the next step is to make them two (screen and Arduino mega) communicate with each other.

what I have at the moment are:

  1. gen4-IB interface board
  2. 4D Arduino adaptor shield
  3. 4D systems programming cable
  4. gen4-uLCD-50DCT-CLB-AR

Can someone send me their code for reference?
I am using the Genie Visie. (not the pro version)
My test setup is a button on the screen and one LED on the breadboard.

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