4G connection raspberry pi

I have a raspberry pi 3 , I want to see the graphical environment in my laptop and I want to do it wirelessly , but in this project that i want to do, I will be in places Ι will not have wifi connection . In this case , I'm thinking to buy this module to have 4G(with a sim card) :

Then what can I do to have access in graphic environment of ras pi to my laptop?
How can I enable 4G in raspberry pi with this GSM module?(Can I do this for once and then raspberry do it automatically all other times???)
I'm confused about all these and I need a clear standpoint ,please...
For example,my project is a robot (in place that has no wifi connection)-for this case I want this module(I suppose) and I'll be in my home with my laptop to give commands (watching graphic environment) and I will get a picture of the camera I have placed over the robot .

Thanks a lot !

Shouldn't this question be on the Raspberry Pi forums ?

Yes ,I know but if anyone here knows something about this ,will be good ...

Yes ,I know but if anyone here knows something about this ,will be good ...

You could use that as an excuse for asking questions, in the Arduino forums, on any subject.

Rasp Pi has serial connection to your laptop (USB port). So you write some Python code on your laptop to receive messages from your Pi, and either show canned images with some data from the Pi filling in blanks, or you wait it out while images are transferred over from the Pi.
Why not attach an LCD display and show images there instead?

Or, get a SIM-card based phone module that you can plug into your laptop directly.


I didn't said that I want to connect raspberry pi with my laptop via USB ,but wirelessly and secondly I didn't said how I want to connect my laptop to 4G
Please read my post again :slight_smile:

So you want to see on your laptop what the robot's camera sees.
I'd start with this

then experiment to see what picture size and frame rate the 4G will support.

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