4G Modem - Router -- WiFi

Hi every one,

My project is 4G Modem - Router -- WiFi,
how can i do that,
i'm new in arduino please help me.


You have not said what it is that you want help with?

I have a TP Link MR3020 router. I plug my 3G dongle into it and it just works. I presume it wlll work the same with a 4G dongle.


The project is exactly the same as the 4g modem router, it is the modem itself.

This is not a project for Arduino.

Maybe a Raspberry Pi ? But you will be much better with a 4G router. I have a TP link mr200 4G router. No usb dongle is needed, it has a sim card slot and you can attach two external antenna if the supplied antenna are not good enough for your weak 4G signal.

Thank you PaulRB.