4inch TFT Touch Shield (Waveshare) with TFT_eSPI: only half display / scrambled?

I connected a 4inch TFT Touch Shield (Waveshare) to a NodeMCU-ESP32 (JOY-IT)

the Library TFT_eSPI is used.
in User_Setup.h display-type is “RPI_ILI9486_DRIVER”
(ILI_9486_DRIVER does not work)

everything seems to be ok (SPI, Pins, Touch) - but:

when i run test-sketches

  • only half of the screen is used
  • tft.fillScreen(TFT_BLACK) does not work for the whole screen
  • the fillRect(…) does not fill the complete screen.
  • example-sketch “sketch_TFT_Meter_4” does not show correct with M_SIZE = 1.333
    (see modified example-code)
  • the Meter_4 display is scrambled using M_SIZE=1.333 (see photo)

tft.width() and tft.height() gives correct values 320, 480 - but all examples are not displayed correct.

Any ideas how to get full working display?

Thanks in advance.


sketch_TFT_Meter_4.ino (8.01 KB)

User_Setup.h (15.2 KB)

Meter4.zip (605 KB)