4Ohm 3W Audio Speaker interfering with NRF24L01+ modules reconnecting?

The actual rating of a battery can be read as the number of mA for one hour.

Yes 47R is a standard value, 51R is the next most common one up. The actual value does not matter so long as it is approximately around that value.

As resistors have tolerances the values are taken to make the maximum tolerance up from one value, should be less than the maximum tolerance down from the next value up.

put anyone in tenth of Ohm range, 10,20 30, ... and see if helps.

add 10 uF capacitor

Thanks, you have been very helpful. (and that also goes for everyone else who has contributed to this discussion.

I have already have some 10uf, so I will need to get hold of some 100uf and the resistor.

I have 16v and 25v 10uf. Would it matter or make any different which one I use?

Ok, thanks for that. I read the link and have a better understanding now. Thanks.

If a battery has, for example, a 10mAH rating, that means it is rated to supply 10Milli-amps for 1 hour

Not sure if this was ever cleared up!

Are you supplying the NRF breakout board +5V?

The NRF antenna itself is rated for 3.3v, but if you plan to use the breakoutboard, it needs +5V?

Are you using "ack" features of the radio (two-way) or are you just broadcasting 1 way and timing the expected return

not much, you can put 2 or 3, 10uF in parallel for 100.
Exact values of electronic components are important for precise instruments,

Yes, I'm using the breakout board so that it can ben connected to the +5V pin on the Arduino.

The speaker (start) module is initiated by the finish module which is the timer that's placed at the finish line. This module contains LDR's. I also have a laser module which points towards the finish module so when you break the beam it stops the timer.

It is currently working. Its just the issue with Start module that's stopping everything from working properly. Hopefully, thanks to everyone's input in this discussion I have a few things to try.

Just need await on components to arrive.

Yes it was just pedantic old farts engaged in one upmanship. We both know what it means.

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I know it man, I saw that too. I never understood why people have to be the loudest one in the room... We appreciate you bro!