4TH ARDUINO JAM @TIMELAB GHENT (Belgium) 18 Oct - 20 Oct 2013

Hello fellow Arduino enthusiasts we are currently preparing the fourth Arduino Jam.

Starting at the 18th of October 2013 at 17h00 end ending 48 hours later on the 20th at 17h00, we will join together once again to let our creativity and knowledge flow into a yet non existing Arduino project that probably will be featured on instructables, hackaday or the Arduino Blog.

So enter the jam and join our quest for an Arduino- & joyful weekend.

for a €25,00 entrance fee you'll get: - a goodie box - food (breakfast, lunch and diner) - snacks - drinks - a place to sleep (bring your own bed) - a very nice place to JAM: @TIMELAB (3Dprinters, laser-cutter, hardware tools, ...)

more info on: http://www.arduino-jam.org