4th Stepper motor issues

I’m using 2 stacked Adafruit Motor Shields to power 4 17HS3401 stepper motors. The first three, work perfectly. The 4th one, which is on the bottom board, second slot, is grinding a lot and has very little torque. I’m using two separate 12v 3A power supplies to power the lot. Any help would be appreciated.

Datasheet shows the 17HS3401 is 2.4ohm/phase with 1.3A max current.
This low-impedance stepper can’t be driven with a common brushed DC motor shield.
12volt/2.4ohm= 5Amp per phase…
You will eventually burn the stepper, or the driver, or both.

A special current-controlled stepper driver like the DRV8825 must be used.
There are special CNC shields available that hold four of these driver boards.

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Those are 1.3A low-impedance steppers, you’ll damage something if you continue to try
to run them from 12V and a DC motor shield - you need DRV8825 modules for this sort
of motor. This sort of motor requires current drive, not voltage drive, else you will
overheat them or overload the power supply or burn out the driver.

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