4WD Mecanum Wheel Robot with Additional Stepper Motors and Servos

Hi All

My plan is to use a pre bought 4WD Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit (http://wiki.seeedstudio.com/4WD_Mecanum_Wheel_Robot_Kit_Series/) and attach a robotic arm controlled by a singular (or possibly two) Stepper Motors.

In addition; the end of the robotic arm needs to be able to drop a lightweight payload using a E-flite Servoless Payload Release (https://www.modelflight.com.au/e-flite-servoless-payload-release.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwm-fkBRBBEiwA966fZFwu5gAi-Q9MT429kP2NG0QU_yfn34Fl1E97KsYtyjBL1TBgopXFExoCkIgQAvD_BwE) unless I can find a better release mechanism.

As I am looking to control additional motors etc. I wish to purchase my own Arduino Boards in order to control both the driving motors and the additional ones.

The Mecanum Wheel Kit contains 4 DC Motors (25GA 370) which need to be individually controlled and from my research I believe they can be controlled straight from the Microcontroller as will the Payload Release (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). However the Stepper Motor/s (the specifications of which I haven’t yet decided on) apparently need specific Stepper Motor Driver Boards.

So my question comes in two parts:

Number one: Which microcontroller/additional boards will I require/would best suit the application?

And two: Is there anyone that has previously created/designed/seen a similar device and have any advice, codes, designs or tips that will help to achieve my goal.

I have attached a few other documents and extras that may help.

If anyone requires more information just let me know!

Cheers Nic

EFLA405-Manual.pdf (723 KB)

Motor_Specs_for_4WD_Mecanum_Wheel_Robot_Kit_Series_Products.pdf (840 KB)

Are you planning to buy the basic chassis or the complete kit with the Arduinos, motor drivers and XBees?

I suspect if you buy the complete kit you will be able to add the payload release from the Arduino that comes with the kit - but I have not attempted to study the kit in detail nor do I know the specs for the payload release.