4WD Omni wheel based autonomous robot

Hi, I am going to make a 4 omni wheel arduino compatible autonomous robot. It is capable of moving in an arbitrary direction continuously without changing the direction of the wheels. It includes Arduino micro controller,ultrasonic sensors and DC motor with encoders, GPS module and can be programmable with the open source Arduino Language.I'm new to arduino, need help for programming.

Hi Demigod007,

I suggest you to make sections of moves of your robot & google them. Try to make sth simple then add some features to your robot. For example, build a robot moves only one direction, then add it a reverse function and so on. If you use google for simpler thing, it will be efficient for you to understand how to built and where to search. I do not think one in forum has same robot with you, even if they have, it would not be your robot, you can buy a robot from a store otherwise.

Best Regards.