4x20 lcd problem

When i try to use my 4x20 hd44780 lcd display....
it works good with the example code(edited to 4x20), but when i try any app to update just let's say the second line, it wipes the whole screen and only the updated text is displayed on the first line...
how should i do.... btw i use lcd smartie latest version and the "test driver"

If it works with the Arduino and does not work with LCD smartie then aren't you asking this question in the wrong forum?

A search for LCD smartie test driver takes me to a page that says:

Test Driver
The test driver is mostly a development tool, but it can also be used to get unsupported serial displays working with LCD Smartie. NB: No support will be offered for any display using this driver.

So - if the people who wrote the test driver are not prepared to offer support how much help do you think we can offer?


okay so what program would u suggest then?