4x4 platform help plz

Hi, no doubt this question has been asked many a time, but we all have to start somewhere! today I received a 4x4 robot platform, I have recently finished building it, done the usuall and fitted all, sharp sensor, uno, motor shield ect, I have downloaded the arduino software and have it linked up no probz, I have done the appropiate testing and all is fine, thing is I only started in the world of arduino today, would someone out their plz point me in the direction of where to get a basic object avoiding script for the above mentiond bot, it has a sharp sensor , and four motors, I have an idea tht I shall get some patronising replys, but plz understand with being a noob, I will be learning the launguage, I only want to see my first bot do its thing, any way thx in advance and fingers crossed :D

There are numerous examples provided with the Arduino IDE. There are numerous more examples on the playground. You need to find, execute, and understand those examples for one piece of hardware at a time. Get some data from the ping sensor. Make a motor turn on and off.

Where you get an obstacle avoiding sketch is from the ends of your fingers. What does YOUR robot need to do to avoid obstacles? What can YOUR robot do to detect obstacles?

Google will probably answer faster than we can.


7 million hits.

Thx, but still cant find a code that works "gutted" in the mean time I found a build your own two wheeled obstacle avoiding bot with a code that works, it is a two motor job using a single servo and a sharp sensor, it works fine doing its avoiding thing, but works via a breadboard opposed to a motor controller which is fine but it does look a bit on the rough side compared to the dead 4x4 platform sitting next to it, maybe I am just not looking in the right places, thx anyway guys :~

This may help:


You need to learn to write your own code not just copy others work!.


Thx for stating the obvious sherlock, Its in the pipeline! did you know everything straight away? dont think so, only been playing with arduino a few days, dont know nothing, so no need to be so apt! mind you some people feel better for doing so, I am only after a bit of incentive, anyway thx for your words of wisdom!

Thx for stating the obvious sherlock

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