5.1 Audio Output from motherboard

Hello, there has been something bothering me for years but never tried to find out.

It is about the 5.1 audio output on the motherboard. Today I wondered how to listen from all the outputs, since only the green jack plays sound, all the others are muted.

So, I ask you, do I need special software to make them work ?
Suggest me Please a way to output the sound from those jacks!

Thank you

You need a 5.1 surround sound decoder module/box, many receivers have that built in, with amplifiers to drive the speakers.

Thank you sir for replying me. So there is no way to just get that sound as analog waveform from each output ?

That is what the surround sound processor does - converts the digital 5.1 into analog.

If you have analog 5.1 output on the motherboard, then you have 3 Minijack-connectors. To get sound in the last 4 channels, you need an application that can route the extra audio information this way e.g. powerDVD with a DVD with Surround sound.

// Per.

It was actually included in the manufacturer's application

thank you