5.1 suround sound lighting

hi guys

ive just ordered myself some new surround sound for the living room

but what i want to do to make it a bit more ‘special’ or different is some up with like a controller which knows what speaker is on and when, and lights up that part of the room

i use it for parties a lot and think this could be good for music!

this is what arduino is made for in my opinion (visual art stuff)

so how the hell would you go about it? i have a HDMI out and a optical out…

Your best bet would be to route the speaker level outputs (attenuated down to 5Vpp, then biased above 0V/Gnd) to the Arduino’s analog inputs; from there it is code to read those inputs, then activate the appropriate digital outputs to switch on lights, or output serial commands to a lighting controller (DMX, perhaps?)…