5-10V(logic) pulse to 0-5V digital logic

Hello, I am in a bit of a problem as I have a 12V sensor that has a PNP transistor with a resistor pulling it up to 5V(low) and 10V(high) - how can I simply convert it to a 0-5V digital logic output? I cannot open the sensor so I have to directly convert the 5V to 0V and 10V to 5V using a NPN transistor, but I do not have a 5V from the sensor or pinout, so how could I make a simple converter circuit?

You would be well advised to provide a Data Sheet or a Link to your Sensor. There may be several ways to do this and the simplest and least cost way will be developed by the response person's complete understanding.

Sounds like you need a voltage divider:

9.1k | 4.7k
You could use a comparator, but really need to see the proper datasheet.


If I understand your description of the sensor:

  • The output is a PNP transistor
  • Although it is not the only connection, the most common PNP output would be the emitter tied to 12V sensor power and the collector is the output

If this is the case, perhaps you need to add more load on the collector to pull it down to 0. I say this because I’ve never come across a pulse sensor that went from 5 to 10 V. More specifically they have all gone to ground. Unless it is a 4 to 20 ma output… still I wouldn’t expect these voltages.