5 Arduinos communicating via SPI

Hello there,

i’m relatively new to Arduino and programming in general

i’m currently working on a project using 1 Arduino Uno and 4 Nanos.
The plan is that the 4 Slaves (Nano) gather data from sensors and if demanded by the Master (Uno) they send it via SPI.

I’ve looked at https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/SPITransfer but i don’t get smarter by that.
Has anybody done a similar project or knows how i get this done properly?

Take a look at Nick Gammon's post on SPI.

Hope this helps! Pieter

I believe the Arduino SPI library assumes the Arduino will be the master. Whereas you will need your Nanos to behave as SPI slaves.

Using SPI is actually very straightforward and there is hardly any need for a library. Have a look at the Atmega 328 datasheet.