5 axis 3D Printer

Hi all, big question! I'm taking my final year project now and I need to build a 5-axis 3D printer. However, I couldn't find any relevant topics on 3d printers running with 5 axes. I searched that arduino mega and uno are only having 5 serial ports (3 for x,y,z axis and 2 for extruders).
So what should I do or is there any compatible breakout board?

Can I use arduino Due or I need to connect two arduino megas or unos to solve this problem

I need solution asap, thanks everyone in advanced!

Your description of the problem does not make much sense.

Why would the number of serial ports have any relevance to a 3 D printer?

I don't think anyone would consider the extruders to be additional axes what you describe is a normal 3-axis printer.

AFAIK 3D printers with dual extruders are common. Have you looked on the RepRap Forum where they specialize in 3D printing.