5 buttons play 5 different songs

Hello. Is there a project like this? Or can someone explain to me what I need to start such a project?
Thank you.

Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board

Thanks for the quick response, there is also for mp3?

There probably is, but why can't you just convert your files to OGG or WAV?

Because OGG and WAV are too big and Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board is maximum 16MB....16MB is equal one track..

You could use a DFPlayer, but you'll need a microcontroller and an SD card.

Can you add the link for microcontroller please? I will check also youtube for this project. Thank you for your quick response.

You can use any microcontroller that has an extra UART. You could use an Arduino Micro, for example.

If you already have an UNO, for example, you could use SoftwareSerial. I wouldn't recommend it if you still have a choice, because it's a hack.

This one is good? Leonardo-Pro-Micro-Arduino-ATMEGA32U4-5V-16MHz

Yes, that should work. Keep in mind that you're going to make it much harder this way, the Adafruit sound board is much easier to set up.

Do you have any schematics for Arduino Micro and DFPlayer? Any link or youtube video..Thank you in advance

No, I already gave you a link to the official guide.

Thanks again. I will see what I can do.

MP3 Trigger will do it without any addition hardware. It has more than 10 "direct trigger inputs". Have used it several times with projects. Of course it's a little more expensive but it works out of the box. :slight_smile: