5 In One System(High Accuracy)

I want to make a Lcd Display (1602 in I2c) which shows Date,Time,Temparature,Humidity & Barometric Pressure.

1>I am using Bmp180 sensor(for temperature & Pressure)
2>DHT22(for Humidity)

I found One code which shows Temparature,Humidity & Pressure.
The second code displays Date & Time.

I want to merge two codes so that LCD1602 displays Temparature,Humidity & Barometric Pressure with a delay of 5 seconds & after 5 Seconds it shows Date & Time for another 5 second in a continuous loop.

Individually the two codes are working fine but can’t figure out how to display all information back & forth in a loop.

I have no knowledge in programming & this is my 1st project in Arduino so plase help

I am attaching the two source codes,I will be very grateful if anyone merges it

RTC.txt (5.88 KB)

Wheather.txt (1.67 KB)

If you want someone to work for your, post in the "Gigs and collaborations" section of the forum.

This merge demo may be useful.


Just like this one,only added feature will be the pressure