5 key up/down, left/right, select membrane keypad

Hi Guys,

For one of the projects I’m working on I wanted a five key keypad that had up/down, left/right and select in a diamond pattern. I ended up using a 12 key membrane pad and just printing a new overlay and taping it over the pad and then ignoring the keys I’m not using.

Perusing fleaBay the other night while watching tv though (<- that’s waaay to easy these days with my new tablet!) I noticed a vendor is now selling that exact configuration in a membrane pad.

I have no affiliation with the seller, it’s just a product I spent considerable time looking for so I’m pleased it’s now available. Only down side is you have to wait as it comes from China.

The auction number is 321058202165

Hope someone else finds that helpful!


The one you found isn't the cheapest one.

Try this, "5 key" membrane: Search Result | eBay

There was only one up when I found it . . . after I'd searched in vain for that exact product a couple weeks ago! Now it looks like someone is making them and they're now making their way through the distribution channel, oh well the 3x4 worked fine for me and a new overly was easy to print. I may pick a couple up for future projects though. I guess I should mention it takes six pins for five keys so it's not the most efficient use of your pins. In my case I'm working with a Mega so I have plenty of pins and don't mind giving one up for asthetics.