5" or more for arduino screen/touch screen

Hello , I was looking for lcd/led/oled screen for arduino but many of them are to small I want around 5 inchces or less. This screen can be slow or have bad parameters but must have around 5 or more inches.
Where can I buy it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Get an lcd for video on ebay for around $40 and buy an arduino TV shield. Someone did this recently. You essentially turn the lcd into a screen for arduino to write to. You pick the screen size.

Thanks for reply :slight_smile: You mean TV shield like TellyMate? It's good way to display on TV want i want but i was thinking something like 3.2 inch TFT Touch Screen but bigger :slight_smile: maybe some 4 inch screen from phone can interact with arduino?

Maybe, I didn't do it. You said 5" so I replied with what I know, LCD panels that take TV signals. Now it's 3.2"?

Take a loot at newhavendisplay.com, I was told about them recently and they have a lot of displays shown.

Take a loot at newhavendisplay.com

You might get out earlier for good behavior if you teach inmates arduino.


Oh, "loot", yes very funny :slight_smile:

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