5 Serial Devices + USB Host Shield Possible?????

hello everyone,

I have arduino Mega board and one ambitious project.. :slight_smile:

I want to use 5 Serial devices with mega GPS, Compass, Pan-Tilt, Camera, Bluetooth Modem
all these are with USB Host Shield 2.0.

My question is mega capable of taking such a load? I need to use software serial for some of the devices. say for Compass and GPS. for Pan-Tilt, Camera and Bluetooth I can use Serial1, Serial2 and Serial3. Serial is used by USB host shield for debug messages so cant use that.

I tried using just Rx pin of Serial port (with GPS and Compass I just need RX no TX) but its not working consistent.

Host shield is connected to touch screen and Game-pad using built in Hub in touch screen. Both devices are working fine using Oleg's shield and code.

So do you guys think is the possible? What are the limitation of Software Serial on Mega?

Thank You,