5 Servos (360 Degree Hack) on Arduino Nano

Hy everybody,

I'd like to use 5 hacked (360° Degree) SG90 - Tower-Pro - Servos on one Channel of the Arduino Nano v3.

(should I use PWM or direct 5V to the DC Motor and cut the board with circuits out? )

I'm thinking about using a NPN Transistor
instead a Relay (Vout on Channel and Iout is to low/less then needed)

so how must i build it on a breadboard?

do I need a low NPN which is switching a bigger Darlington NPN ?

do I need Resistors? how big? how many? or do I need other things?

kindly regards

Don Dennis

If you want your "continuous rotation servos" to go forward and backward you will need to use the built-in servo electronics or an h-bridge motor driver. If you only need the motors to run in one direction then an NPN transistor, NPN Darlington, or N-Channel MOSFET should all work. Use a roughly-200 Ohm resistor between the Arduino pin and the Base/Gate of the transistor/MOSFET. Use a logic-level MOSFET if you use one... regular MOSFETs need about 10V on the Gate to switch fully.