5 to 8 amp DC brushed motor chip (H-bridge?)

I'm looking for a PTH motor driver chip that's PTH. It's for one 12 volt motor that need PWM, reversible. I've been using the VNH2SP30 IC, but it's a bit of over kill, and I'd like to switch to a PTH version, but after an hour of searching have come up blank. Anyone have any recommendations that they've used?
It's controlled by an Atmega328, so it need 5V logic. No feedback/sensing is needed.

I don't know what PTH means, but I'm happy with this 12 amp motor driver breakout: Pololu - VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier

plated-through-hole. The OP means through-hole, plated-ness is a property of the board, not
the chip!

You'll need either discrete MOSFETs or one of the clever multi-die packages like
those Pololu boards use (they are several individual MOSFET dies in one package).

Recently there was a posting about a dual-H-bridge driver with discete MOSFETS, I'll
try and locate it....

[ Maybe this thread - the controller seems to be quite pokey!
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