5 wire Stepper Motor

i have a 2 Stepper motor, i need to test it! but i don't know how to do it cz it's 1A motor with 5 wire.. any one know how to do it ?
i am new for arduino
plz help me

(sorry for my bad english) XD

What are the specs on the motor? Datasheet would be useful..

What have you done to test it yourself?

sorry i don't know about Datasheet :frowning:
but i gotta details from tag in motor

0.72 DEG /step (no idea about)
type : 103H7522-7021

wire color code


This should help a lot: Stepper motor - RepRap

a 5-wire motor has one common connection and 4 "phase" wires in groups of 2 center-tapped motor windings. Details in the WIKI

Hi, try googling 103H7522-7021 the pert number, I did and a number of sites responded, this may be a good place to start tracking it down.