$50 for a code

Is there anyone who want to write a code for me for $50?

I need a code that sends me either an email or a sms when the temperature of a sensor is off. Either above or below a set threshold. I am going to use this in a brewery to keep complete control of the temperature in different rooms... And get an alert if there is to big of a change in temperature.

Check the sendSMS example in the IDE (it is under GSM)

you only need to add an temperature sensor which can be as simple as an analogRead() depending on the sensor.

What is the range the sensor must be able to handle?

#define THRESHOLD 42

int prevTemp = 0;

void setup()
  prevTemp = readTemperature();

void loop()
  char buffer[100];

  int temp = readTemperature();

  if (temp > THRESHOLD) 
    sprintf(buffer, "temperature is %d degrees", temp);
    delay(60000UL);  // wait 60 seconds;

  if (abs(temp - prevTemp) > 5)  // big jump
    sprintf(buffer, "sudden jump in temperature: %d ", temp - prevTemp);
  prevTemp = temp;

Thank you for the fast reply.... I've tried to use the sendSMS sketch, but it looks like there is some problems with the gsm shield, it just hangs.

The temperature range is from about 0 degree celcius up to about 20 degree celcius.
I have some ds18b20 sensors that I use for other projects, and they work great.

SMS not a problem, but send email - is a problem. Due to authentication. Need to use third part service or need to have your own server.

I really like pushover all you need is Ethernet you can also use arduino controller (android app) to control everything like set points and such.

send me a personal message.

Did you complete this yet? I have done something similar with a BeagleBone if you want to consider using that platform.