50 LCDs for $1.00?

I googled the part number and they are 12.1" screens.


I think they are new, and the price is not known yet.
It is certainly a mistake.

Do you know someone who used such a display ?

Maybe a new item, but unlikely a new product.
They are 4:3 screens, a new product is more likely to be widescreen.
Some German guy has put in an order of one dollar last monday.

No inverters (for the backlight) ... sounds like a project in and by itself.

If you search on LCDs on aliexpress and sort by price, there are more LCDs that are about 50 for a dollar or two.

Being LVDS they would not really be useful without adding lots of hardware to drive the display via the LVDS interface. Not the sort of thing an Arduino would be able to do/

But if you make your living repairing laptop screens, it could be a very good deal.