50 lines of 100 characters- 1 serial pin

Apologies if I have missed previous discussions, but searching on the product name… SerialToVGA… turned up nothing.

How about a little board costing about $36 incl p&p which, with commands over a TTL serial signal, will drive an ordinary VGA monitor for you? 50 lines of 100 characters, in “simple” mode. You can also have windows. Automatic line-wrapping and scrolling. And colors. There’s a “goto position x/y” command.

Comes from Hobbyelectronics.co.uk (With whom I have no connection, beyond “happy customer”)

Does anyone know of a US source?

For the really, really basic “getting started” stuff, see…


It’s almost as easy as…

void setup()
mySerial.begin(9600); // Set baud rate for serialVGA board

void loop()
mySerial.print("Hello world. ");
delay(150);//Just to make it easy to se what is happening.

One pin “used up” to drive the VGA display. No processor overheads.

Has anyone using one found any downside??

your question made me think of - http://www.microvga.com/ - ?

Thanks for that, Rob. Competion is what makes the world get better!

I've done some notes comparing the two at...