500 Led An Arduino ? Help!

Hello Dear,

I need 500 Led control on an arduino card. What can I use component ?

Before I designed 200 led use 74HC595 component but now 500 led is too many(~60 - 74HC595)

Also, have you any example this topic ?

  • This system help operators in factory line which cable put helping led.(Navigation System)

but now 500 led is much (~60 - 74HC595)

Why is that too many (much?)?

thanx for reply and correction my error.

if I use 74HC595 integrated for 500 led, I have to use (500/8) ~63 piece 74HC595.

Do you have other methods?

Use something like max 7219 for 64 leds.

tnkx sterretje. but i can't find in turkey this component.
Do you have suggest other component ?

Use WS2812b LEDs sometimes called Neopixels. You can get them in 10mm and 5mm packages as well as surface mount.

Thanks "Grumpy_Mike" . I have 500 led at different intervals also I have control any led for example: I need open the 143th , 190th and 430th led. This data send by serial data (C# application) to arduino.

Arduino read all time serial input and when it send data to arduino, arduino open wanted leds.

I hope your understand.
I apologize for my sentence error.

Where do you get your parts in Turkey? Are you allowed to buy from here?

Or from the US?

MAX7219 daisychainable breakout board
Easily connect up 64 LEDs. Breaks out 2-pins for each LED, connect them up & spread out however you'd like - big display, a globe, etc. No current limit resistors needed.
Kits for board as pictured with all headers, $13.50 to US addresses, includes padded envelope shipping via USPS & paypal fee. Assembled boards available for $25. Larger quantities will ship in a flat rate box.
I used male-female terminated wires & crimp housings to make this little jumper cable to drive the board with SPI transfers. shiftOut and other MAX7219 libraries will also work.

I hope your understand.

Sorry no.

What is "arduino open"?

And is there a question in reply #6?
I don't see how this is relevant to what I said. If you use Neopixels then you can control individual or groups of LEDs.

What is "arduino open"?

Probably 'arduino switches on'.

I think, I could not tell you exactly problem.

I want this scenario;

I think, I could not tell you exactly problem.

Then how do you expect me or anyone else to tell you the exact solution?

I want this scenario;

By LED open do you mean LED on or LED off?
What ever geting that is simply a matter of software once you have worked out what hardware you are using.