50A motor shield that can only run 20A?

I am currently in the process of making a flying robot with four motors. I am trying to figure out if the motor shield that I will be using will be capable of running the rc helicopter motors that I found. On the website of the motor shield it says that it is a 50A motor shield but if you read in the description it says that if the current is over 20A the heat may melt the soldering tin. If anyone has any suggestions for this project or any other motor shields or motors that may work please post links. Thanks!

Here are the urls:

Motor Shield:


The motor drive module does indicate "If you want it working stable at higher current, you should add radiator." That sounds to me like you could solder a heat sink on.

I would bet there is a "standard" motor and motor driver/electronic speed controller combination that is recommended for different levels of quad coptor, especially for a first project. I would bet a beverage and some Google-Fu might turn this up.

The motor in question is a brushless propulsion motor.

You do not use a "motor shield" to drive it, you use an "ESC" - an Electronic Speed Controller obtained from the same site which sells the motor. It is controlled as if it were a "servo" using the "servo" library or similar.

read the data sheet of the MOSETS for that board.

I find it false advertising that they use 50A in the MOSFET data sheet heading, then when you read in can only run a 12 Amp load continuous.

The people who make/sell the board were honest in listing the limits of actual use in the application.