50KG Arduino Load Sensor Project

I have a standard Arduino Uno, and I recently ordered four 50K Arduino Load Sensors for a project I’m planning on creating. I am creating this project for our Destination Imagination team, where we’re hoping to use the weight sensors to trigger an RGB LED. I’m relatively new to using load sensors, and I’m not to hot on writing code from scratch.

First off, I’m trying to find out how to use these sensors. If anyone could help with that, that’d be greatly appreciated! Second, I’m hoping to find a few codes to modify, or how I can write my own. This is my first post on the forum, and I’m hoping it won’t flop! Let me know if you have any advice or info! (:

You really have to watch ordering parts before your know how they work. ;)

We need to see the data sheets on these sensors.

What hardware/software experience do you have?

What Arduino do you have and have you looked at any of the examples in the IDE? (okay, I see you do have an UNO)