5110 PCB pin spacing

Hi. I'm trying to build a PCB to combine an atmega with a 5110 LCD, but I don't know what the spacing/sizes are for the pads that connect the PCB to the screen's weird conductive foam connector.

Can anyone hazard a guess? Any suggestions are appreciated.

If that's the back of the LCD, solder wires the the VDD to RWT pads.


Sorry. Further clarification: The LCD itself snaps onto the board picture above. The pads on that PCB make contact with the foam(?) connector on the back of the LCD and are held connected by pressure. Here's the LCD, you can see the tabs that are meant to snap into the sockets on the board.

The soft connector is visible on the rear (it cannot be soldered).

The holes on top are going to be 0.1" (2.54mm) spacing.

Blowing up that image and measuring it on my screen with a ruler I get a ratio of the spacing of those holes to the pad spacing to be.... 2.54. That's partly coincidence that it's so perfect. But it strongly suggests that the spacing is 1mm.

That's partly coincidence that it's so perfect.

Only partly.

I couldn't measure precisely enough to get that second decimal place. And even if I could, the pixel width in the photo would make it meaningless. But it's not 0.9mm or 1.1mm.